HUBBA Pressroom is a space where startups can publish press releases and publishers can get resources for news. Through the HUBBA Pressroom, HUBBA will be providing tools to facilitate connections between startups and publishers and the media.

As a startup, you can create a press release (description of your pitch), publish it to our HUBBA Pressroom for a small fee, and watch in real-time as publishers look at your pitches and contact you.

Publishers can sign up for free. If they are approved, they will gain access to all past and present press releases in our HUBBA Pressroom. New press releases will also be emailed directly to publishers.

A press release is a statement delivered to members of the publisher for the purpose of providing information.

For startups, a press release costs 500THB per release (Special rate for beta launch). For publishers, all services are free of charge.

Approved publishers can see all of the startups and their releases. If a publisher views a startup’s pitches, the startup will see the publisher’s firm name but nothing more. Meanwhile, startups will not see other startups’ pitches, and publishers will not see other publishers.

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